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Clinical finding absent (situation)
Clinical finding absent
Clinical finding absent (situation)
Clinical finding absent
context-dependent category (context-dependent category
context-dependent category
Clinical finding absent
Clinical finding absent
Clinical finding absent (context-dependent category (context-dependent category)
Clinical finding absent (situation)
Clinical finding absent (context-dependent category)
Jul 31, 2004
Jul 31, 2002
Jul 31, 2002
subject relationship context
Child Concepts
(300870000) No mass present (846721008) No plaque of skin (167056009) Carcinoembryonic antigen absent (860718009) No abnormality of soft tissue (228439005) No craving for drugs (228416004) No undue priority given to drug-related activities (1222873005) Does not use caffeine (1208723003) No known mold in residence (401018007) Not wearing seat belt (846730000) No weal on skin (846715009) No paralysis (298322001) Past pointing absent (161938003) No breathlessness (299731005) Brudzinski's sign negative (298297003) Chvostek sign negative (161953006) No hiccough (15011000119104) History of pregnancy loss in non-pregnant woman (situation) (309580001) Immunology finding absent (300434009) Cullen's sign negative (300420009) No abdominal guarding on palpation (426893008) Absence of spontaneous respiration (situation) (165928001) L.E. cells absent (860641009) No intra-abdominal movement (situation) (846726003) No gallop rhythm (274807004) Nasal discharge absent (1149346008) No wandering (473384006) Not trying to conceive (86699002) Apyrexial (169450001) No contraceptive precautions (846733003) No papule of skin (271682009) Gallbladder not palpable (299052005) Froment's sign negative (162010006) No mouth problem (274541004) Involuntary movements absent (443508001) No history of clinical finding in subject (situation) (162376004) Does not snore (1141704003) No aspiration into respiratory tract (situation) (591121000124109) No known overcrowding in residence (situation) (89777000) Tenderness absent (13117000) Absence of stress (300540000) Sperm absent (313185002) No recurrence of problem (271679004) Liver not palpable (165768008) Rhesus antibody absent (401187007) No itch (162023004) No problem swallowing (298320009) Dysdiadochokinesis absent (81765008) No pain (1157028009) No self destructive behavior (274829000) Meningism absent (449171000124108) Distention of jugular vein absent (situation) (162467007) Free of symptoms (860944004) No trophic change of skin (situation) (591181000124108) No known elder abuse (289672003) Absent fluid thrill in uterus (161980004) No edema present (162258009) No incoordination (1208721001) No known lead in residence (situation) (162363005) No ear discharge (860636001) No seizure seen (162264002) No consciousness disturbance (281007007) No fluorescein staining of cornea (1149237000) No issues with spiritual beliefs (situation) (300289009) No gastric reflux (300432008) Grey Turner's sign negative (228396001) Does not share drug injection equipment (298311000) Romberg's sign negative (102905003) Absence of guilt (162368001) Does not sneeze (860715007) No deformity of right foot (289805000) No cervical discharge (846720009) No crust on skin (situation) (1149231004) Absence of readiness for nutrition behavior change (situation) (161881004) No stiff neck (473361004) Not tolerating normal diet (situation) (591101000124104) No known housing code violation (301281001) Coin sign absent (315215002) Disorder excluded (431526005) Transformation zone of uterine cervix not visible (situation) (300890009) Swelling absent (846714008) No macule of skin (situation) (1141702004) No aggressive behavior (300426003) Shifting abdominal dullness absent (249080008) No fontanelles presenting (298296007) Trousseau sign negative (698752003) Absence of wound discharge (281633000) Tinel's sign negative (1208791005) No known radon in residence (situation) (299316003) Trendelenburg sign negative (846756007) No raised intracranial pressure (situation) (274832002) Abdominal rigidity absent (707321000) No hemosiderin pigmentation (1141711004) No dizziness (situation) (225874001) No thoughts about dying (274823004) Clonus absent (160245001) No current problems or disability (301909009) No eye discharge (443494009) Stemmer sign negative (situation) (860714006) No deformity of left foot (161886009) Does not bruise easily (225438003) No problems with thinking (161966006) No palpitations (846740002) No vesicle of skin (situation) (162019007) No problem chewing (473385007) Not tolerating oral fluid (846725004) No stiffness of joint (situation) (441467001) Destot sign absent (82120007) Bacterial growth absent (441983009) No radioactive implant in situ (301125003) Pericardial friction rub absent (300406002) No abdominal movement (274808009) Cardiac thrill absent (289225008) No desire to push in labor (301131000) Heart murmur absent (698751005) Absence of wound odor (situation) (162157005) Vaginal discharge absent (1141705002) No bleeding (860717004) No abnormality of joint (162154003) No urethral discharge (251705002) No lacrimal regurgitation (1010194003) No safeguarding concern identified (situation) (289490006) Absent discharge at vulva (459121000124105) Muscle spasticity absent (situation) (708021007) No blanching of skin of foot on elevation of foot (situation) (722811001) No prosthesis in situ (situation) (392731005) No psychomotor retardation (441977006) No cardiac pacemaker in situ (289432001) Fetal movements absent (170640003) No peak flow meter at home (299730006) Kernig's sign negative (28281004) No bacterial antibody present (228367002) Does not misuse drugs (846754005) No added respiratory sounds (300353003) Murphy's sign negative (289446001) Fetal heart sounds absent (1208724009) No known asbestos in residence (situation) (289658007) No uterocervical descent (300190006) Middle ear fistula sign negative (315213009) Not a passive smoker (860639008) No reactive accommodation reflex (situation) (310436000) Wheeze absent (274831009) Arterial bruit absent (860716008) No abnormality of bone (299951001) Barber's chair sign negative (161922009) No cough (162350004) No tinnitus present (34189007) Absence of aura (591111000124101) No known structural insufficiency in residence (247079003) Red reflex absent (162293002) No speech problem (162075008) No excessive flatulence (162056003) No nausea (304242000) No experience of bereavement (298295006) Gowers sign absent (300436006) Puddle sign negative (424825007) Cerebrospinal (CSF) fluid flow absent (309582009) Cytology finding absent (228333007) No undue priority given to drink-related activities (440565004) Not fasting (situation) (733827009) Euphoria absent (situation) (397719002) Absence of signs and symptoms of physical injury (372284002) Pathology examination findings absent (1141720008) No fatigue (860643007) No postural drop in blood pressure (situation) (271738005) Spleen not palpable (591171000124105) No known elder neglect (situation) (299054006) Prayer sign negative (1157152000) Not at risk of elopement from healthcare setting (162005007) No tooth problem (699093007) Unaware of prognosis (162104009) Diarrhea not present (228409000) Does not use needle and syringe exchange scheme (228426006) Has no routine of drug-related activities (846752009) No scaly skin present (situation) (278036006) Lupus antibody absent (1208722008) No known infestation in residence (situation) (702562003) No evidence of child sexual abuse
Parent Concepts