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Therapeutic Autologous Lymphocytes
Therapeutic Autologous Lymphocytes
Therapeutic Autologous Lymphocytes
A population of lymphocytes isolated from an individual, altered in vitro, and returned to the same individual for therapeutic purposes. (NCI04)
Child Concepts
(C185169) Autologous Anti-CD7-CAR-CD28zeta T-cells (C131305) Ex Vivo-expanded Autologous T Cells IMA101 (C179603) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR-IL-18-expressing T-lymphocytes (C155878) Relmacabtagene Autoleucel (C117237) ROR1 CAR-specific Autologous T-Lymphocytes (C185166) Autologous Anti-HER2 CAR-CD28 T Cells (C179725) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR-4-1BB-CD3zeta-expressing T-cells ARI-0001 (C170905) Autologous 1928T2z CAR T-cells WZTL-002 (C95715) Autologous CD8 Positive PBL Sensitized to Drosophila Cell-Presented Melanoma Peptides (C153218) Autologous TCR-engineered T-cells IMA202 (C71748) Autologous Anti-gp100:154-162 T-Cell Receptor Gene-Engineered Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (C141460) IL13Ralpha2-specific Hinge-optimized 4-1BB-co-stimulatory CAR/Truncated CD19-expressing Autologous TN/MEM Cells (C118576) NGFR-transduced Autologous T Lymphocytes (C176568) Autologous Anti-CD22 CAR-expressing T-cells SCRI-CAR22v2 (C165433) Autologous Tn-MUC1-specific CAR T-lymphocytes (C165435) Autologous CD123CAR-CD28-CD3zeta-EGFRt-expressing T Lymphocytes MB-102 (C175471) Autologous Bispecific BCMA/CD19-targeted CAR-T Cells GC012F (C82408) 2G-1 TCR Retroviral Vector-Transduced Lymphocytes (C131310) Autologous Cytokine-induced Killer Cells (C187118) Autologous Anti-ROR1 CAR T-cells LYL797 (C106230) cMet CAR-mRNA Electroporated Autologous T Lymphocytes (C185176) Autologous Anti-glypican-3 CAR-IL-15-iC9-expressing T-lymphocytes (C188203) Autologous Anti-H3.3K27M TCR-expressing T-cells (C178409) Autologous Anti-PD-L1-armored Anti-CD22 CAR T Cells (C174139) MAGE-A1-specific T Cell Receptor-transduced Autologous T-cells (C117233) IL13Ralpha2-specific Hinge-optimized 41BB-co-stimulatory CAR Truncated CD19-expressing Autologous T-Lymphocytes (C142205) Autologous CD4 and CD8 Positive Truncated CD19-expressing Antigen Presenting T-cells (C175465) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR-4-1BB-CD3zeta-expressing T-cells CNCT19 (C172197) Autologous Anti-FLT3 CAR T Cells AMG 553 (C175463) Autologous Universal CAR-expressing T-lymphocytes UniCAR02-T (C128031) Autologous Prostate Stem Cell Antigen-specific CAR T Cells BPX-601 (C179622) Autologous NKG2D CAR T Cells KD-025 (1987398) Axicabtagene Ciloleucel (C156706) Autologous Anti-BCMA-CAR-mRNA-transfected CD8+ T-lymphocytes (C162260) Autologous Anti-HLA-A*02/AFP TCRm-expressing T-cells ET140202 (C175459) Lymphodepleted Autologous CD4-directed CAR T Cells (C175578) Autologous Alpha-PNE Switchable CAR-T Cells CLBR001 (C175458) Autologous CLL1-CAR-CD28-expressing T-lymphocytes (C174124) Autologous Anti-BCMA CAR T-cells PHE885 (C165774) Anti-CD19-CAR-CD28/CD20-CAR-4-1BB-expressing Autologous T-lymphocytes Hu1928-Hu20BB (C121638) Anti-GPC3-CAR Autologous T Lymphocytes (C181943) Autologous Anti-CD19/CD20 CAR-T Cells KITE-363 (C171097) Autologous Clonal Neoantigen T Cells ATL001 (C175452) Autologous PD1-knockout CD19-specific CAR T Cells (C181700) Autologous Anti-CD4 CAR T-cells LB1901 (C171092) Autologous CD19-targeted CAR-T Cells GC007F (C106117) T1E28z CAR-expressing Autologous CD4-positive T Lymphocytes (C171093) Autologous Bispecific CD19/CD22-targeted CAR-T Cells GC022 (C129593) Anti-hCD70-CAR Retroviral Vector-transduced Autologous PBLs (C188226) Autologous Anti-BCMA CAR T-cells MCARH125 (C132989) Anti-Glypican 3-scFvGC33-CAR-expressing T Lymphocytes (C188588) Olitresgene Autoleucel (C156933) Human Anti-CD30 CAR-expressing Autologous T-lymphocytes (C187372) Anti-mesothelin CAR Vector-transduced T-lymphocytes (C155969) Total Tumor mRNA-pulsed Tumor-specific Ex vivo-expanded Autologous Lymphocyte Transfer Cells (C172057) Autologous Anti-CD19/CD20 Bispecific Nanobody-based CAR-T cells (C175446) Autologous Anti-kappa Light Chain CAR-CD28-expressing T-lymphocytes (C133718) Vadacabtagene Leraleucel (C172055) Autologous Anti-CD19 TAC-T cells TAC01-CD19 (C176772) Autologous Anti-CD20 CAR T-cells C-CAR066 (C106247) Autologous CD19-28z Chimeric Antigen Receptor-expressing T-lymphocytes (C126270) Autologous HBV-specific TCR-redirected T-Lymphocytes (C150382) Autologous Anti-Claudin18.2-transduced T Lymphocytes CT041 (C125185) Anti-CD3/Anti-EGFR-bispecific Monoclonal Antibody-armed Activated Autologous T-lymphocytes (C188358) Autologous Anti-CD20CAR-CD28-4-1BB-CD3zeta T-lymphocytes MB-106 (C188238) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR-expressing T-lymphocytes UF-KURE19 (C178316) Autologous PD-1 Nanobody-expressing Anti-MSLN CAR T-cells (C188233) Autologous Anti-CD7 CAR T-cells SENL101 (C88266) CD19CAR-CD3zeta-expressing Autologous T lymphocytes (C162482) Autologous CD138-specific CAR T-cells (C162481) Autologous c-Met/PD-L1-specific CAR T-cells (C176769) Differentiated Anti-BCMA Autologous CAR T Cells ARI0002h (C114295) Anti-NY-ESO1 TCR-transduced Autologous CD62L+-derived T-Lymphocytes (C173378) Autologous Anti-ICAM-1-CAR-CD28-4-1BB-CD3zeta-expressing T-cells AIC100 (C180517) Autologous Anti-gp100:154-162 TCR Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (C178325) Autologous Anti-BCMA CAR T-cells spCART-269 (C178447) Autologous Neoantigen-specific T-lymphocytes GEN-011 (C71536) EGFRBi-Armed Autologous T Cells (C150377) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR-T Cells TBI-1501 (C150378) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR TCR-zeta/4-1BB-transduced T Lymphocytes BinD19 (C175306) Autologous TCRm-expressing T-cells ET140203 (C142887) Autologous Anti-CD19 Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cells SJCAR19 (C176993) Autologous Gene-modified Gamma Delta T-cells (C106429) PBTL CD19CAR-28/CD137/zeta (C172395) LMP2-specific T Cell Receptor-transduced Autologous T-lymphocytes (C180529) Autologous Anti-MART-1 F5 TCR Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (C176990) Autologous HER2-targeted Dual-switch CAR-T Cells BPX-603 (C104009) MCPyV TAg-specific Polyclonal Autologous CD8-positive T Cells (C165507) Zevorcabtagene Autoleucel (C142888) Anti-K-RAS G12V mTCR-transduced Autologous Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (C104006) Anti-CD20-CAR-CD3zeta-4-1BB-expressing Autologous T-lymphocyte Cells (C178452) Autologous Anti-CD19/CD20 CAR-T Cells C-CAR039 (C179663) Autologous IL-12/Multi-targeted Primed T-cells RPTR 168 (C150483) Cord Blood-derived Expanded Allogeneic Natural Killer Cells (C180410) Autologous Anti-ILT3 CAR-T Cells (C148164) Autologous mRNA-modified Anti-cMET CAR-T Cells (C148160) Autologous Mesothelin-specific CAR-T Cells (C175659) Autologous Anti-mesothelin TCR-expressing T-cells FH-TCR TMSLN (C118790) Autologous NY-ESO-1-specific CD8-positive T Lymphocytes (C158091) Autologous Deep IL-15 Primed T-cells TRQ15-01 (C172387) Autologous CD19/PD-1 Bispecific CAR-T Cells (C175534) Autologous CD19 CAR-expressing T-cells YTB323 (C172386) Autologous Nectin-4/FAP-targeted CAR-T Cells (C148156) Autologous CD19CAR-CD28-CD137/CD27/CD3zeta-iCasp9-expressing T-lymphocytes (C174683) Mipetresgene Autoleucel (C174563) Autologous Anti-CD19CAR-4-1BB/CD3zeta-HER2tG-expressing CD4+/CD8+ T-lymphocytes SCRI-huCAR19v2 (C140310) Autologous Anti-BCMA-CAR-4-1BB-CD3zeta-expressing Memory T-lymphocytes bb21217 (C158099) Anti-FL(FITC-E2) CAR T Cells (C178340) Autologous Anti-HER2 CAR T-cells CCT303-406 (C125192) Lisocabtagene Maraleucel (C178588) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR-T Cells GC019F (C179557) CD8 Enriched Young Autologous Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocytes (C88055) Anti-CD19-CAR Retroviral Vector-Transduced Autologous T Cells (C148177) Autologous Anti-BCMA-CAR-4-1BB-CD3zeta-EGFRt-expressing CD4+/CD8+ T-lymphocytes (C119746) Autologous CD171-specific CAR-CD28 zeta-4-1-BB-EGFRt-expressing T Lymphocytes (C148168) Autologous EGFRt/BCMA-41BBz-targeted CAR T Cells (C176855) Lovotibeglogene Autotemcel (C171167) Autologous Anti-CD123 CAR-T Cells (C176850) Allogeneic Anti-CD19 1XX-CAR T-cells FT819 (C142864) Autologous Anti-BCMA-CAR Expressing Stem Memory T-cells P-BCMA-101 (C158087) Anti-CD38/BCMA CAR T-lymphocytes (C48635) MSCV (MGMTP140K) Retroviral Vector-Transduced CD34+ Autologous PBSC (C158744) Autologous HER2-CAR-modified Adenovirus-specific Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (C157655) Autologous Anti-CD19CAR-CD28tm/4-1BB/CD3zeta-HER2tG-expressing CD4+/CD8+ T-lymphocytes SCRI-huCAR19v1 (C29482) TNF Transduced TIL (C170747) Autologous Anti-BCMA-CAR-4-1BB-CD3zeta-expressing T-cells C-CAR088 (C165274) Anti-TRBC1-CAR-CD3zeta-4-1BB-RQR8-expressing Autologous T-lymphocyte Cells AUTO4 (C150906) Autologous CD19-CD8-CD28-CD3zeta-CAR-mbIL15-HER1t T Cells (C2790) PG13/LNc8 Retroviral Transduced Cloned T-Cells (C160704) Autologous Anti-BCMA CAR T-cells IM21 (C176041) Autologous Anti-NY-ESO-1 TCR/dnTGF-BRII-expressing T-cells GSK3845097 (C176040) Autologous Anti-NY-ESO-1 TCR/CD8alpha-expressing T-cells GSK3901961 (C186667) Autologous IL-7/CCL19-expressing Anti-GM2 CAR T Cells NIB-101 (C186666) Autologous Anti-CD7 CAR T Cells PA3-17 (C186784) Autologous MUC1-activated T-cells (C157409) Autologous Anti-NY-ESO-1 mTCR Retroviral Vector Transduced PBLs (C90559) NY-ESO-1 Reactive TCR Retroviral Vector Transduced Autologous PBL (C167208) Autologous Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes from Ibrutinib-treated Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Patients IOV-2001 (C158601) Autologous Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes Exposed to Dendritic Cells loaded with 6B11 Anti-idiotype Minibody (C158604) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR-expressing T-lymphocytes CLIC-1901 (C158606) CRISPR-Cas9-mediated PD-1 and TCR Gene-deleted Anti-mesothelin CAR T-cells (C126801) EpCAM-specific CAR-expressing Autologous T-lymphocytes (C79834) Anti-Her-2-CAR Retroviral Vector-Transduced Autologous Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (C185598) Autologous Anti-mesothelin CAR-IL-7-CCL19-expressing T-lymphocytes TAK-103 (C131493) Autologous Anti-MG7-CAR T-Lymphocytes (C187657) Autologous Anti-B7-H3 CAR T Cells CAR.B7-H3T (C188985) Autologous Anti-PRAME TCR/CD8alphabeta-expressing T-cells IMA203CD8 (C185594) Allogeneic NK-like Cells GAIA-102 (C179912) Autologous Alpha-PNE Switchable CAR-T Cells CLBR001 and CD19-specific Adapter Molecule SWI019 (C157746) Autologous Anti-PSCA-CAR-4-1BB/TCRzeta-CD19t-expressing T-lymphocytes (C185590) Autologous Anti-EGFR/Anti-IL13Ralpha2 CAR T-cells (C180908) Autologous Multiple Antigen-specific T-cells MASE-T (C141050) Autologous Anti-CD19 Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cells C-CAR011 (C123881) Betibeglogene Autotemcel (C175049) Autologous CD19-targeted CAR T Cells CC-97540 (C122679) Anti-HLA-A2/NY-ESO-1 TCR-transduced Autologous T Lymphocytes (C185126) Autologous WT1-directed CRISPR/Cas9-engineered TCR-T Cells NTLA-5001 (C156883) Autologous CD4+/CD8+ EGFR806 Specific 4-1BB-CD3zeta-EGFRt-expressing CAR T Cells (C156889) Anti-K-RAS G12D mTCR-transduced Autologous Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (C116069) CD19CAR-CD3zeta-4-1BB-CD28-expressing Autologous T-Lymphocytes (C185123) Autologous Anti-BCMA CAR T Cells CT103A (C116072) Autologous CD8+ Melanoma Specific T Cells (C121537) Autologous HPV-16/18 E6/E7-specific TGF-beta-resistant T Lymphocytes (C121536) Autologous NKG2D CAR-CD3zeta-DAP10-expressing T-Lymphocytes CYAD-01 (C132683) Anti-LeY-CAR-transduced Autologous T-Lymphocytes (C187317) Autologous GCC-targeting CAR T Cells GCC19CART (C129374) Baltaleucel-T (C155664) Autologous Ovarian Cancer-specific Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes (C128281) PDCD-1 Knockout Autologous T-lymphocytes (C123820) GD2-CAR-expressing Autologous T-lymphocytes (C118367) NY-ESO-1/MAGE-A4/PRAME/Survivin/SSX2-specific Autologous Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes (C95080) Rapamycin-Polarized Th1/Tc1 Autologous T Lymphocytes (C48817) Renal Tumor-Reactive Autologous Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte (C52192) Ex Vivo-Expanded HER2-Specific T Cells (C123823) 4H11-28z/fIL-12/EGFRt-expressing Autologous T-lymphocytes (C123822) Autologous CEA-specific Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (C111996) Autologous Cultured Acute Myeloid Leukemia-specific Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes (C97035) MAGE-A3 Reactive T Cell Receptor-transduced Autologous T Cells (C187688) Autologous CXCR2-modified CD70 CAR T-cells (C111759) Activated Marrow Infiltrating Lymphocytes (C97038) Anti-mesothelin CIR mRNA-electroporated Autologous T Cells (C155657) Autologous Cervical Cancer-specific Engineered Immune Effector Cells (C187686) Autologous IL-7-expanded HER2-specific CD4+ T-cells (C155897) Autologous Anti-CD19CAR-HER2t/CD22CAR-EGFRt-expressing T-cells (C187685) Autologous IL-15-expanded HER2-specific CD4+ T-cells (C153118) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR-CD3zeta-4-1BB-expressing T-cells PZ01 (C70836) Autologous LMP1-/LMP2- Specific Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes (C121552) Anti-thyroglobulin mTCR-transduced Autologous Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (C146937) Autologous PBLs Retrovirally-transduced with TCRs Targeting Neoantigens (C176222) Autologous Anti-GPRC5D-CAR-4-1BB-expressing T-cells MCARH109 (C155880) Autologous HPV-specific Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes (C111989) Autologous iC9-GD2-CAR-expressing VZV-specific T Lymphocytes (C155884) Autologous Anti-HLA-A*0201/AFP CAR T-cells ET1402L1 (C186367) Autologous Anti-CD79a/anti-CD20 CAR T-cells bbT369 (C155883) Autologous Anti-BCMA CAR-transduced T-cells KITE-585 (C155888) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR T-cells IM19 (C187331) Autologous HBV-specific TCR-expressing T-lymphocytes SCG101 (C131214) Autologous iCasp9-deltaNGFR-CD19CAR-expressing T Cells (C185392) Autologous Anti-GPC3 CAR T Cells BOXR1030 (C187330) Autologous BAFF-expressing CAR T Cells LMY-920 (C121784) Anti-CEA-CAR Autologous T Lymphocytes (C121782) Anti-mesothelin iCasp9M28z CAR-transduced Autologous T Lymphocytes (C181918) Autologous Anti-KK-LC-1 TCR-expressing T-cells (C121308) Autologous WT1-TCRc4 Gene-transduced CD8-positive Tcm/Tn Lymphocytes (C146823) Autologous iCASP9-CD19-expressing T-Lymphocytes (C180824) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR Vector-transduced T Cells pCAR-19B (C113438) EFS-ADA Lentiviral Vector-transduced CD34-positive Autologous Lymphocytes (C161635) Autologous Anti-SLAMF7 CAR-expressing T-cells (C115979) HLA-DP0401/0402-Restricted MAGE-A3-Reactive T Cell Receptor-transduced Autologous T Cells (C28797) ADA Transduced T Cell (C182458) Autologous HIV Gag-specific CD4+ T-cells AGT103-T (C183542) Autologous BCMA/TACI-targeted Trimeric APRIL-based CAR T Cells (C156169) Autologous Anti-CD19CAR-CD3zeta-4-1BB-IL-15-PD1-expressing Tri-functional T-lymphocytes (C156168) Autologous Natural Killer Cell-like CTLs (C160780) Gavocabtagene Autoleucel (C38118) SBIL-2 Transduced Autologous Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocyte (C151954) Autologous Anti-Muc1/CD33/CD38/CD56/CD123 Gene-engineered CAR-T Cells (C171318) Autologous Anti-B7-H3/CD19 CAR T-cells SCRI-CARB7H3(s)x19 (C150509) Autologous BCMA/TACI-targeted CAR T Cells AUTO2 (C148530) CD33-specific CAR Lentiviral Vector-transduced Autologous T-lymphocytes (C156170) Autologous Anti-CD38 A2 CAR2-expressing T-cells (C179291) Autologous Anti-ALPP CAR Retroviral Vector-transduced T Cells (C179294) Personalized Neoantigen-specific T-lymphocytes NEO-PTC-01 (C103865) Autologous Bone Marrow-derived CD34/CXCR4-positive Stem Cells AMR-001 (C156156) Autologous HER2-specific/EGFRt-expressing CD4/CD8-positive CAR T-cells (C160777) Autologous Anti-CD19/Anti-CD20-CAR-CD28-4-1BB-CD3zeta-EGFRt+-expressing Tn/mem Cells (C151944) Autologous PD1-inhibiting Anti-CD19 4-1BB CAR T Cells (C173965) TM4SF1-CAR/EpCAM-CAR-expressing Autologous T Cells (C38587) Autologous Anti-MART-1 F5 T-Cell Receptor Gene-Engineered Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (C174931) Tebrocabtagene Autoleucel (C124795) Autologous CD19CAR-CD28-CD3zeta-EGFRt-expressing Tn/mem-enriched T-lymphocytes (C137866) Autologous CD19 CAR+ EGFRt + CD4+ and CD8+ T Cells (C28699) Therapeutic Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (C173958) Autologous Anti-EGFR CAR-transduced CXCR 5-modified T-lymphocytes (C172746) Obecabtagene Autoleucel (C111038) Anti-VEGFR2-CAR Retroviral Vector-transduced Autologous T-lymphocytes (C38137) Anti-MART-1 TCR Retroviral Vector-Transduced Autologous TIL (C38136) Anti-gp100 TCR Retroviral Vector-Transduced Autologous PBL (C151936) Autologous E6 T Cell Receptor Genetically-modified T Cells (C173710) Autologous NKG2D CAR T-cells CYAD-02 (C38135) Anti-gp100 TCR Retroviral Vector-Transduced Autologous TIL (C156272) Autologous Anti-BCMA-CAR-TCRz/4-1BB-expressing T-lymphocytes CART-BCMA (C156271) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR TCR-zeta/4-1BB-transduced T-lymphocytes huCART19 (C157344) Autologous CT-RCC-1 HERV-E-TCR-transduced-HLA-A11-restricted CD8+/CD34t+ T-cells (C156136) Autologous PRAME-targeting TCR-modified T Cells MDG1011 (C158439) Autologous Anti-MUC1*-CAR-4-1BB-CD3zeta-expressing T-lymphocytes (C174916) Rovaleucel (C116711) Autologous MAGE-A3-specific HLA-A*01-Restricted T Cell Receptor Gene Engineered Lymphocytes (2387348) Brexucabtagene Autoleucel (C148525) Autologous CD20-4SCAR-expressing T-cells 4SCAR20 (C148526) Autologous CD123-4SCAR-expressing T-cells 4SCAR123 (C126639) Autologous Anti-CD19CAR-4-1BB-CD3zeta-EGFRt-expressing CD4+/CD8+ Central Memory T-lymphocytes JCAR014 (C151926) Autologous CISH-inactivated TILs (C148524) Autologous CD22-4SCAR-expressing T-cells 4SCAR22 (C158682) Autologous Anti-GD2CAR-CD28-CD3zeta-IL-15-expressing Natural Killer T-cells (C155293) Autologous CCR4-CD30CAR-CD28-CD3zeta-expressing T-Lymphocytes (C155294) Autologous CD30CAR-CD28-CD3zeta-expressing T-Lymphocytes (C156382) Autologous MCPyV-specific HLA-A02-restricted TCR-transduced CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells FH-MCVA2TCR (C161832) Autologous Anti-CD7 CAR/28zeta CRISPR-edited T-lymphocytes (C74017) CD3/CD28 Costimulated Autologous T-Cells (C161831) Autologous PRAME-targeting TCR-engineered T-cells IMA203 (C107191) EGFR CAR-CD3zeta-4-1BB-expressing Autologous T-Lymphocytes (C107190) CD33CAR-CD3zeta-4-1BB-expressing Autologous T-Lymphocytes (C124646) Anti-MUC1 CAR-transduced Autologous T-lymphocytes (C147523) Orvacabtagene Autoleucel (C156251) Autologous Anti-CD22 CAR-4-1BB-TCRz-transduced T-lymphocytes CART22-65s (C162804) Autologous Genetically-modified MAGE-A4 C1032 CD8alpha T Cells (C124644) Therapeutic gamma delta T-lymphocytes (C121379) Letetresgene Autoleucel (C158533) Autologous CAR-mbIL15-Safety Switch T-cells PRGN-3005 (C188805) Autologous Anti-mesothelin T-cell Receptor Fusion Construct/PD-1:CD28 Switch Receptor-expressing T-cells TC-510 (C29556) gp100 Peptide-sensitized Autologous T-cells (CD4+ and CD8+) (C188800) Autologous Anti-GD2/Anti-PSMA 4SCAR-expressing Bispecific T-cells (C156479) Autologous iC9-deltaNGFR-CD19CAR-CD3zeta-4-1BB-expressing T-lymphocytes (C111683) MART-1 Reactive CD8+ T-lymphocytes (C170899) Autologous Blinatumomab-expanded T-Cells (C143060) Autologous Gamma-retroviral MSGV1 139 scFv EGFRvIII CAR Gene-modified T Cells (C124998) Autologous Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes Induced with MUC1 Peptide-pulsed Dendritic Cells (C120035) Anti-CD22-CAR m971-BBz Lentiviral Vector-transduced Autologous T Lymphocytes (C156481) Young Autologous Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocytes (C124997) Autologous Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes Induced with MUC1 Gene-transfected Dendritic Cells (C148506) Autologous BCMA-4-1BBz-targeted CAR T-cells (C154285) Autologous TAAs-loaded Autologous Dendritic Cells AV-GBM-1 (C77865) Anti-CEA IgCD28TCR-Transduced Autologous T Cells (C159977) Autologous HPV16 E7-specific HLA-A*02:01-restricted TCR Gene Engineered Lymphocytes KITE-439 (C154284) Allogeneic CD19CAR-transfected Cytokine-induced Killer Cells (C132251) Autologous PD-1-targeted Chimeric Switch Receptor-modified T Lymphocytes (C154288) Autologous NY-ESO-1-redirected CRISPR-edited T Cells (C114985) Ex Vivo-activated Autologous Lymph Node Lymphocytes (1986438) Tisagenlecleucel (C143140) Tabelecleucel (C85459) Autologous TGFbeta-Resistant HER2/EBV-Specific Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes (C185429) Autologous Interleukin-15-armored Anti-glypican-3 CAR-iC9-expressing T-lymphocytes (C146779) Autologous TCR-engineered T-cells IMA201 (C101787) TIL 1383I T Cell Receptor-Transduced Autologous T Cells (C160847) Autologous CAR-mbIL15-Safety Switch T-cells PRGN-3006 (C153083) Autologous CD8+ SLC45A2-specific T Lymphocytes (C186768) Autologous Anti-FSHR CER-4-1BB/CD3zeta-expressing T-lymphocytes (C114978) MAGE-A4-specific TCR Gene-transduced Autologous T Lymphocytes TBI-1201 (C78824) Autologous EBV-CTL CD19CAR zeta (C135534) Autologous MAGE-A3/A6-specific TCR Gene-engineered Lymphocytes KITE-718 (C160711) Autologous Anti-CS1 Hinge-optimized CAR-4-1BB-EGFRt-expressing Memory-enriched T-cells (C78823) Autologous PBTL CD19CAR-28 zeta (C116914) Autologous Anti-CD19CAR-4-1BB-CD3zeta-EGFRt-expressing T Lymphocytes (C136982) TCR-specific, alpha Fetoprotein-enhanced Autologous T Lymphocytes (C154276) Autologous AXL-targeted CAR T-cells CCT301-38 (C154277) Autologous ROR2-targeted CAR T-cells CCT301-59 (C143156) Anti-CD19-CD20-CAR-CD3zeta-4-1BB-expressing Autologous T-lymphocytes (C124650) Anti-mesothelin CAR Vector-transduced Autologous T-lymphocytes (C154281) Autologous Anti-HER2-CAR-4-1BB-CD3zeta-CD19t+-expressing Tcm-enriched T-lymphocytes (C124655) Autologous T-lymphocytes-expressing NY-ESO-1-C259-specific Enhanced T-cell Receptors (C124656) Anti-CD22 scFv TCRz:41BB-CAR Lentiviral Vector-transduced Autologous T-lymphocytes (C154280) Therapeutic Ex-vivo-treated Autologous Central Memory T Cells (C180672) Autologous CD19-CD8-CD28-CAR-mbIL15-HER1t T Cells (C128892) Type-1 Polarized Dendritic Cell-induced Antigen-specific Autologous Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes (C179567) Autologous Anti-B7-H3 CAR T Cells (C180673) ECT204 Transgene-transduced Autologous T Cells ECT204 (C173699) Autologous BCMA-targeted CAR T Cells CC-98633 (C148498) Ciltacabtagene Autoleucel (C148135) iC9-GD2-CAR-CD28-OX40-expressing Autologous NKT Cells (C113161) Autologous Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes Cotransduced with Retroviral Vectors Encoding Inducible IL-12 and Anti-NY-ESO-1 TCR (C118850) Autologous Anti-HPV-16 E6 T-cell Receptor Gene-engineered Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (C172366) Autologous Anti-CD19 T-cell Receptor Fusion Construct T-cells TC-110 (C175511) Autologous Anti-PSMA CAR-T Cells P-PSMA-101 (C142834) Autologous CD19/CD22 Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cells CT120 (C138107) Autologous Genetically-modified MAGE-A4 C1032 T Cells (C178486) Autologous Anti-CLL-1-CAR T-lymphocytes KITE-222 (C180681) Autologous Anti-GFRa4 CAR-TCR-zeta-4-1BB-expressing T-cells (C182623) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR-expressing T-lymphocytes IC19/1563 (C150695) Autologous EGFR-specific CAR-T-Cells Expressing Anti-PD-1/CTLA-4 Antibodies (C150696) Autologous Ovarian Cancer Immunogene-modified T Lymphocytes (C150698) Autologous FRa-4SCAR-expressing T-cells 4SCAR-FRa (C150699) Autologous PSMA-4SCAR-expressing T-cells 4SCAR-PSMA (C148030) Autologous Anti-CD19 T-cell Receptor T cells ET190L1 (C148393) MDS Neoantigen-specific Autologous T-lymphocytes (C148150) Autologous NY-ESO-1 TCR-targeted T Lymphocytes (C157090) Autologous CD4+/CD8+ 4-1BB-CD3zeta-EGFR806-CAR-EGFRt/4-1BB-CD3zeta-CD19-CAR-HER2tG-expressing CARs T Cells (C155909) Autologous Anti-mesothelin CAR-CD3zeta-4-1-BB-expressing T-cells (C91088) Autologous IL-21-Modulated CD8+ MART1-Specific T Cells (C178253) Autologous Gamma Delta T-cell Receptor-expressing T-cells TEG002 (C91091) Anti-HER2-CAR Autologous CMV-Specific Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes (C150682) Autologous Mesothelin-specific CAR-T-Cells Expressing Anti-PD-1/CTLA-4 Antibodies (C116329) Autologous CD123CAR-CD28-CD3zeta-EGFRt-expressing T Lymphocytes (C175738) Afamitresgene Autoleucel (C174405) Autologous Rapamycin-resistant Th1/Tc1 Cells RAPA-201 (C172103) Autologous CD19 CAR-expressing CD4+/CD8+ T-cells MB-CART19.1 (C173434) Autologous Anti-BCMA CD8+ CAR T-cells Descartes-11 (C116330) Anti-CD3 OKT3/Humanized Anti-GD2 3F8 Bispecific Antibody-activated T Lymphocytes (C78197) Autologous Anti-PSMA Gene-Modified T-Lymphocytes (C180584) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR-T Cells CRC01 (C28842) Autologous Epstein-Barr Virus-Specific Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes (C150671) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR-CD3zeta-4-1BB-expressing T-cells (C169051) Autologous Anti-B7-H3 CAR Retroviral Vector-transduced T Cells (C114378) DNR-expressing Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma-specific Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes (C148133) Autologous PD-1 Antibody-expressing Mesothelin-specific CAR-T Cells (C150676) Autologous GPC3/NY-ESO-1/AFP specific CD8-positive T-lymphocytes (C148490) Autologous CD5-specific CAR-28 zeta CAR T-cells (C173429) Autologous AFP Specific T Cell Receptor Transduced T Cells C-TCR055 (C178272) Autologous BAFFR-targeting CAR T Cells (C184954) Dimerizing Agent Regulated Immunoreceptor Complex-expressing CD33-specific Autologous CAR T Cells SC-DARIC33 (C180598) Autologous Anti-HER2 CAR-T Cells (C180596) Zamtocabtagene Autoleucel (C116862) MAGE-A3/12-specific TCR Gene-transduced Autologous PBLs (C148216) Autologous PD-L1/CD80/CD86-targeted CAR-T Cells (C189050) Autologous CAR T-Cells RD14-01 (C142807) Autologous Anti-BCMA-CAR-expressing CD4+/CD8+ T-lymphocytes FCARH143 (C116738) CD30 CAR-expressing Autologous T Lymphocytes (C179257) Anti-GD2/PSMA/CD276 4SCAR-expressing T-cells (C125691) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR-expressing T Lymphocytes (C162873) Autologous Active IL-7 Receptor Co-expressing GD2-specific CAR T-cells (C112495) Autologous Lymphoid Effector Cells Specific Against Tumor Cells (C116732) Autologous Cytomegalovirus-specific Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (C189058) Anti-CD19/Anti-CD70 4SCAR-expressing Bispecific T-cells (C189059) Anti-CD19/Anti-CD79b 4SCAR-expressing Bispecific T-cells (C116734) Autologous TNS9.3.55-transduced CD34-positive Cells (C173886) Autologous Anti-GD2-CAR-BBz-iCasp9 Retroviral Vector-transduced T Lymphocytes (C175943) Welgenaleucel (C124232) Anti-CD3 OKT3/Anti-EGFR Bispecific Antibody Armed Activated T Lymphocytes (C147135) Anti-NY-ESO-1 TCR LV-transduced Autologous T-Cells TAEST16001 (C105614) Autologous CD19CAR-CD28-CD3zeta-EGFRt-expressing Tcm-enriched T Cells (C133189) Autologous EGFRt/19-28z/4-1BBL CAR T-Lymphocytes (C162624) Patient-derived WT1/PRAME/Survivin-specific Cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (C178298) Autologous Anti-HER2 TAC T Cells TAC01-HER2 (C162620) Autologous Anti-CD19/CD22 CAR T-cells AUTO3 (C161651) Gene-edited Autologous Neoantigen-targeted NeoTCR-P1 T-cells (C118947) RNA Electroporated CD19CAR-CD3zeta-4-1BB-expressing Autologous T-lymphocytes (C148557) Therapeutic Invariant Natural Killer T-cells (C189071) Autologous Tumor-infiltrating Lymphocytes-Central Memory T-cells (C105614) Autologous CD19CAR-CD28-CD3zeta-EGFRt-expressing Tcm-enriched T Cells (C157281) Autologous CLL1-CD33 Compound CAR T Cells (C126686) Autologous MAGE-A10-specific HLA-A2-restricted TCR c796 Gene-engineered Lymphocytes (C133073) CD19CAR-CD28-CD3zeta-EGFRt-expressing Tn/mem-enriched T-lymphocytes (C129715) Anti-ACTR/4-1BB/CD3zeta-Viral Vector-transduced Autologous T-Lymphocytes ACTR087 (C133191) Autologous Human Anti-CD19CAR-4-1BB-CD3zeta-EGFRt-expressing CD4+/CD8+ T-lymphocytes (C162627) Autologous LMP1/LMP2/EBNA1-specific HLA-A02:01/24:02/11:01-restricted TCR-expressing T-lymphocytes YT-E001 (C162506) Autologous BCMA-targeted CAR T Cells LCAR-B4822M (C179274) Autologous Anti-CD30 CAR T Cells HSP-CAR30 (C162626) Autologous Anti-gp100CAR-CD3zeta-4-1BB-IL-15-PD1-expressing Tri-functional T-lymphocytes (C158599) Autologous Cytoplasmic Activated PD-1 CAR T-cells (C179275) Autologous MAGE-C2-specific HLA-A2-restricted TCR T-lymphocytes (C162856) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR-CD28 T-cells ET019002 (C183535) Autologous Anti-FLT3 CAR T Cells TAA05 (C182441) Autologous Desmoglein-3 Chimeric Autoantibody Receptor T-cells DSG3-CAART (C117727) EGFRvIII-specific CAR-transduced Autologous T Lymphocytes (C139730) Autologous ACTR-CD16-CD28-expressing T-lymphocytes ACTR707 (C82350) Autologous NY-ESO-1-Melanoma-Specific CD8+ T-lymphocytes (C173622) Autologous Anti-CD19 CAR T-cells 19(T2)28z1xx (C150518) Autologous Anti-EGFRvIII 4SCAR-IgT Cells (C82351) M87o-Transduced CD34+ Peripheral Blood Stem Cells (C189084) Autologous MuSK-CD3z/4-1BB-expressing Chimeric Autoantibody Receptor T-cells MuSK-CAART (C125101) Autologous Anti-CD123 CAR TCR/4-1BB-expressing T-lymphocytes
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