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Peptide Vaccine
Peptide Vaccine
Peptide Vaccine
A vaccine based on a synthetic peptide or peptides produced from tissue samples or recombinant sources. Vaccination with peptide vaccines may elicit host immune responses against antigen-expressing cells.
Child Concepts
(C71741) Survivin Sur1M2 Peptide Vaccine (C78819) PSMA/TARP Peptide Vaccine (C117235) IDH1R132H-Specific Peptide Vaccine PEPIDH1M (C29085) HIV Peptide Vaccine (C179607) NY-ESO-1 Peptides/Threitolceramide-6-loaded Nanoparticles PORT-3 (C62597) CHP-HER-2 Peptide Vaccine (C170341) Pradimotide (C173850) Recombinant Spike-protein Receptor-binding Domain-dimer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine (C175590) ESR1 Peptides/GM-CSF/Montanide ISA Vaccine (C97344) MVF-HER-2(597-626)/MVF-HER-2 (266-296) Peptide Vaccine (C49022) gp100:209-217(210M) Peptide Vaccine (C49023) PAX3/FKHR Peptide Vaccine (C28784) 27-35(27L):MART-1 Peptide (C95722) MUC1-targeted Peptide GO-203-2C (C28780) 117-126:FGF-5 Peptide (C151942) Therapeutic Liver Cancer Peptide Vaccine IMA970A (C173728) Recombinant 2019-nCoV S Protein Subunit-trimer Vaccine SCB-2019 (C1986) p53 Peptide Vaccine MPS-128 (C114755) EGFRvIII Peptide Vaccine (C172755) SARS-CoV-2 rS Nanoparticle Vaccine NVX-CoV2373 (C61495) Melan-A VLP Vaccine (C91710) MAGE-A3 Peptide Vaccine (C123381) Mimotope-P10s-PADRE Peptide Vaccine (C111036) Multi-peptide CMV-Modified Vaccinia Ankara Vaccine (C111037) Synthetic Long E6/E7 Peptides Vaccine HPV-01 (C64635) WT1 Analog Peptide Vaccine (C104738) WT1 124-138 Peptide Vaccine (C104737) WT1 247-261 Peptide Vaccine (C151937) Onilcamotide (C82420) P53-Synthetic Long Peptides Vaccine (C82661) HLA-A2-Restricted Synthetic Glioma Antigen Peptides Vaccine (C38132) 12 Melanoma Peptide Vaccine (C82421) HLA-A*2402-Restricted URLC10 Peptides Vaccine (C166623) Amilomotide (C2492) Von Hippel-Lindau Peptide Vaccine (C84844) HLA-A*0201-restricted TRP2-gp100-EphA2-HER2 Multipeptide Vaccine (C104734) WT1 235-243 Peptide Vaccine (C53290) MUC-1 Peptide Vaccine (C78467) CMVpp65-A*0201 Peptide Vaccine (C182128) Labyrinthin Peptide Vaccine LabVax 3(22)-23 (C95741) MELITAC 12.1 Peptide Vaccine (C129596) CD4-specific Telomerase Peptide Vaccine UCPVax (C178425) PD-1-positive B-cell Peptide Antigen/MVF IMU-201/Montanide Vaccine (C2816) TRP1(0RF3):1-9 Peptide (C2815) TRP-2: 180-188 Peptide (C48394) HLA-A2, A3-Restricted FGF-5 Peptides/Montanide ISA-51 Vaccine (C48393) HLA-A1, A2, B35-Restricted Survivin Peptides/Montanide ISA-51 Vaccine (C2811) Verpasep Caltespen (C187131) P30-linked EphA2/CMV pp65/Survivin Peptide Vaccine P30-EPS (C104747) UV1 Telomerase Peptide Vaccine (C38121) PR-151 Peptide (C84854) MAGE-A1/MAGE-A3/NY-ESO-1 Peptides Vaccine (C177740) Arginase-1 Long Peptide Vaccine (C165646) Microbiome-derived Peptide Vaccine EO2401 (C161833) Arginase-1 Peptide Vaccine (C49177) Recombinant dHER2 Vaccine (C119616) hTERT Multipeptide/Montanide ISA-51 VG/Imiquimod Vaccine GX 301 (C177739) Long PD-L1 Peptide Vaccine (C103823) XBP1-US/XBP1-SP/CD138/CS1 Multipeptide Vaccine PVX-410 (C165638) Pooled Mutant KRAS-Targeted Long Peptide Vaccine (C111688) Liposomal HPV-16 E6/E7 Multipeptide Vaccine PDS0101 (C2235) PR1 Leukemia Peptide Vaccine (C77878) HLA-A*0201-Restricted VEGFR1 Peptide Vaccine (C129652) Synthetic Long E6 Peptide-Toll-like Receptor Ligand Conjugate Vaccine ISA201 (C29555) gp100 Protein (184V) (C77875) HLA-A*2402-Restricted URLC10-KOC1-VEGFR1-VEGFR2 Multipeptide Vaccine (C49063) EF-1 Peptide (C49064) EF-2 Peptide (C101777) Multi-epitope Folate Receptor Alpha Peptide Vaccine (C165621) Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine ATP128 (C101893) HLA-A*2402-Restricted Multipeptide Vaccine S-488410 (C102982) Gag:267-274 Peptide Vaccine (C77868) HLA-A*2402-Restricted KOC1-TTK-CO16-DEPDC1-MPHOSPH1 Multipeptide Vaccine (C77867) HLA-A*2404-Restricted RNF43-TOMM34-VEGFR1-VEGFR2 Multipeptide Vaccine (C70674) Recombinant Human EGF-rP64K/Montanide ISA 51 Vaccine (C53410) G250 Peptide Vaccine (C77863) IMT-1012 Immunotherapeutic Vaccine (C71761) hTERT I540/R572Y/D988Y Multipeptide Vaccine (C49272) Carcinoembryonic Antigen Peptide (C77869) HLA-A*2402-Restricted VEGFR1 Peptide Vaccine (C187041) HER2/neu Peptide Vaccine GLSI-100 (C116920) Montanide ISA-51/Survivin Peptide Vaccine (C79806) Colorectal Tumor-Associated Peptides Vaccine IMA910 (C102879) hTERT/Survivin/CMV Multipeptide Vaccine (C85455) HLA-A*2402-Restricted URLC10-CDCA1-VEGFR1-VEGFR2 Multipeptide Vaccine (C150809) Synthetic Long HPV16 E6/E7 Peptides Vaccine ISA101b (C121957) WT1 Protein-derived Peptide Vaccine DSP-7888 (C102751) WT1 Peptide Vaccine WT2725 (C29338) PSA:154-163(155L) Peptide Vaccine (C29337) PSA-OP Peptide Vaccine (C154278) Colorectal Cancer Peptide Vaccine PolyPEPI1018 (C78820) PADRE-CMV Fusion Peptide Vaccine (C150471) Personalized Synthetic Long Peptide Vaccine (C78821) Tetanus-CMV Fusion Peptide Vaccine (C48632) MAGE-3.A1 Peptide Vaccine (C49042) gp100:280-288(288V) Peptide Vaccine (C148171) MUC1 SP Vaccine (C95705) SVN53-67/M57-KLH Peptide Vaccine (C165292) Multi-epitope HER2 Peptide Vaccine H2NVAC (C85464) Anti-GnRH Vaccine PEP223 (C85462) TARP 27-35 Peptide Vaccine (C85463) TARP 29-37-9V Peptide Vaccine (C127125) NY-ESO-1/PRAME/MAGE-A3/WT-1 Peptide Vaccine (C48637) 851B Gel (C48639) Synthetic Melanoma-Associated Antigens Vaccine (C62801) E1M(184V) Peptide Vaccine (C166808) Latromotide (C94223) HLA-A*2402-Restricted CDCA1-A24-56 Peptide Vaccine (C74056) LY6K/VEGFR1/VEGFR2 Multipeptide Vaccine (C28719) Anti-human Chorionic Gonadotropin Vaccine (C128887) NY-ESO-1 Protein/Microparticle MDP/Bacterial DNA-containing MIS416 Vaccine (C180678) HSP90 Peptide Vaccine AST-021p (C62756) Tertomotide (C107167) pIRS2 Phosphopeptide-tetanus Peptide Vaccine (C76227) Disomotide (C2798) PSA:154-163 Peptide (C107166) pBCAR3 Phosphopeptide-tetanus Peptide Vaccine (C107168) pBCAR3/pIRS2-Phosphopeptide-tetanus Peptide Vaccine (C99129) AIM2(-1)/HT001(-1)/TAF1B(-1) Frameshift Peptide Vaccine (C95207) HLA-A*2402-Restricted CDCA1-URLC10-KIF20A-DEPDC1-MPHOSPH1 Multipeptide Vaccine (C148154) PD-L1/IDO Peptide Vaccine (C2438) RAS Peptide Cancer Vaccine (C148146) PD-L1 Peptide Vaccine (C176953) Microbiome-derived Peptide Vaccine EO2463 (C2680) NA17.A2 Peptide Vaccine (C2765) gp100:17-25 Peptide (C185228) SARS-CoV-2 Protein Subunit Vaccine AKS-452 (C2764) gp100:154-162 Peptide Vaccine (C74039) HLA-A*2402-Restricted URLC10-TTK-VEGFR1-VEGFR2 Multipeptide Vaccine (C2763) gp100: ES209-217(210M) Peptide (C95211) HLA-A*2402-Restricted VEGFR1/2 Multipeptide Vaccine (C178135) COVID-19 Vaccine MVC-COV1901 (C95212) URLC10-CDCA1-KOC1 Multipeptide Vaccine (C2640) Telomerase: 540-548 Peptide Vaccine (C183167) Alpha-lactalbumin Breast Cancer Vaccine (C159498) IDO Peptide Vaccine IO102 (C178139) MF59 Adjuvanted Molecular Clamp Stabilized SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Vaccine (C37448) Autologous Heat-Shock Protein 70 Peptide Vaccine AG-858 (C2767) gp100:280-288 Peptide Vaccine (C2766) gp100:209-217 Peptide (C90568) HLA-A*2402-Restricted CDCA1-KIF20A Multipeptide Vaccine (C116331) Synthetic Glioblastoma Tumor-associated Peptides Vaccine Therapy APVAC1 (C116332) Synthetic Glioblastoma Mutated Tumor-specific Peptides Vaccine Therapy APVAC2 (C90566) HLA-A*2402-Restricted URLC10-CDCA1-KIF20A Multipeptide Vaccine (C61088) MAGE-A3/HPV 16 Peptide Vaccine (C179231) AMP KRAS Vaccine ELI-002 (C2775) MART-1:27-35 Peptide Vaccine (C77895) VEGFR1-1084 Peptide Vaccine (C2772) MART-1:26-35(27L) Peptide Vaccine (C74023) DEPDC1/MPHOSH1 Peptide Vaccine (C78865) WT1-A10/AS01B Immunotherapeutic GSK2130579A (C77897) HLA-A*2402-Restricted URLC10-TTK-KOC1 Multipeptide Vaccine (C2657) NY-ESO-1 Peptide Vaccine (C61076) Synthetic Breast Cancer Peptides-Tetanus Toxoid-Montanide ISA-51 Vaccine (C128898) Multi-epitope Anti-folate Receptor Peptide Vaccine TPIV 200 (C122678) IDH1R132H Mutation-targeting IDH1 Peptide Vaccine (C178152) Aluminum Hydroxide Adjuvanted Multi-epitope SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine (C187302) Personalized Liposomal Neoantigen-based Peptide Vaccine EVX-01 (C153374) Helicobacter pylori Therapeutic Vaccine IMX101 (C29040) FGF-5:172-176 / 217-220 Peptide (C2746) Berzofsky Ras/P53 Peptide Vaccine (C175717) Elatipepimut-S (C152726) Trempamotide (C74090) Elpamotide (C91710) MAGE-A3 Peptide Vaccine (C84861) dHER2 Vaccine+AS15 Adjuvant (C2195) Emepepimut-S (C106257) WT1 Peptide Vaccine OCV-501 (C96041) Melan-A/MAGE-3.DP4 Peptide Vaccine (C96042) NA-17/MAGE-3.A2/NY-ESO-1 Peptide Vaccine (C184842) Riletamotide (C128283) HER-2-positive B-cell Peptide Antigen P467-DT-CRM197/Montanide Vaccine IMU-131 (C2512) AFP Gene Hepatocellular Carcinoma Vaccine (C2754) ESO-1:157-165(165V) Peptide (C184843) Tapderimotide (C107243) PEP-CMV Vaccine (C162633) Personalized Neoantigen Peptide Vaccine iNeo-Vac-P01 (C74088) URLC10-TTK-KOC1-VEGFR1-VEGFR2 Multipeptide Vaccine (C162874) Neoantigen Vaccine GEN-009 (C125692) Multipeptide Vaccine S-588210 (C184841) Alrefimotide (C26680) NY-ESO-B (C70968) Renal Cell Carcinoma Peptides Vaccine IMA901 (C173525) Multi-epitope HER2 Peptide Vaccine TPIV100 (C116067) Long Peptide Vaccine 7 (C118364) hVEGF26-104/RFASE Peptide Vaccine (C74087) URLC10 Peptide Vaccine (C161778) Galinpepimut-S (C77900) HLA-A*0201-Restricted URLC10-VEGFR1-VEGFR2 Multipeptide Vaccine (C154564) PD-L1/PD-L2 Peptide-Montanide Vaccine (C97951) Maveropepimut-S (C154563) PD-L2 Peptide-Montanide Vaccine (C180377) H3K27M Long Peptide Vaccine (C178615) DNAJB1-PRKACA Fusion Kinase Peptide Vaccine (C77905) HLA-A*0201-Restricted VEGFR1-VEGFR2 Multipeptide Vaccine (C61442) WT1 126-134 Peptide Vaccine (C68999) NY-ESO-1b Peptide Vaccine (C152829) Vanutide Cridificar (C135018) Neoantigen-HSP70 Peptide Cancer Vaccine AGEN2017 (C94211) Glioblastoma Multiforme Multipeptide Vaccine IMA950 (C74066) NY-ESO-1/LAGE-1 Peptide Vaccine (C99228) Nelipepimut-S Plus GM-CSF Vaccine (C94215) Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase Peptide Vaccine (C163023) EGF Vaccine EGF-PTI (C67098) Synthetic Peptides E-PRA And E-PSM Vaccine (C80055) hTERT Vaccine V934/V935 (C116880) Recombinant Anti-WT1 Immunotherapeutic GSK2302024A (C62767) LMP-2:340-349 Peptide Vaccine (C53410) G250 Peptide Vaccine (C62768) LMP-2:419-427 Peptide Vaccine
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