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T-cell Receptor-engineered T-cells
T-cell Receptor-engineered T-cells
T-cell Receptor-engineered T-cells
T-lymphocytes that have been engineered to express a modified antigen-specific T-cell receptor (TCR). In cancer therapy, the TCR-engineered T-cell recognizes a tumor-specific protein fragment complexed with major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules on the surface of the tumor cells and kills the tumor cell.
Child Concepts
(C126270) Autologous HBV-specific TCR-redirected T-Lymphocytes (C161831) Autologous PRAME-targeting TCR-engineered T-cells IMA203 (C115979) HLA-DP0401/0402-Restricted MAGE-A3-Reactive T Cell Receptor-transduced Autologous T Cells (C185126) Autologous WT1-directed CRISPR/Cas9-engineered TCR-T Cells NTLA-5001 (C156883) Autologous CD4+/CD8+ EGFR806 Specific 4-1BB-CD3zeta-EGFRt-expressing CAR T Cells (C156889) Anti-K-RAS G12D mTCR-transduced Autologous Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (C116862) MAGE-A3/12-specific TCR Gene-transduced Autologous PBLs (C153218) Autologous TCR-engineered T-cells IMA202 (C71748) Autologous Anti-gp100:154-162 T-Cell Receptor Gene-Engineered Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (C114295) Anti-NY-ESO1 TCR-transduced Autologous CD62L+-derived T-Lymphocytes (C64773) Anti-p53 T-Cell Receptor-Transduced Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (C113161) Autologous Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes Cotransduced with Retroviral Vectors Encoding Inducible IL-12 and Anti-NY-ESO-1 TCR (C118850) Autologous Anti-HPV-16 E6 T-cell Receptor Gene-engineered Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (C172366) Autologous Anti-CD19 T-cell Receptor Fusion Construct T-cells TC-110 (C162804) Autologous Genetically-modified MAGE-A4 C1032 CD8alpha T Cells (C82408) 2G-1 TCR Retroviral Vector-Transduced Lymphocytes (C121379) Letetresgene Autoleucel (C180517) Autologous Anti-gp100:154-162 TCR Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (C176041) Autologous Anti-NY-ESO-1 TCR/dnTGF-BRII-expressing T-cells GSK3845097 (C176040) Autologous Anti-NY-ESO-1 TCR/CD8alpha-expressing T-cells GSK3901961 (C138107) Autologous Genetically-modified MAGE-A4 C1032 T Cells (C128485) HPV-16 E7 TCR Expressing T-cells (C153885) Allogeneic CD34-positive E-rosetted T-cell Depleted Peripheral Blood Stem Cells (C150695) Autologous EGFR-specific CAR-T-Cells Expressing Anti-PD-1/CTLA-4 Antibodies (C188203) Autologous Anti-H3.3K27M TCR-expressing T-cells (C148030) Autologous Anti-CD19 T-cell Receptor T cells ET190L1 (C157409) Autologous Anti-NY-ESO-1 mTCR Retroviral Vector Transduced PBLs (C148150) Autologous NY-ESO-1 TCR-targeted T Lymphocytes (C38587) Autologous Anti-MART-1 F5 T-Cell Receptor Gene-Engineered Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (C148149) Allogeneic TCR alpha/beta-positive T-lymphocyte-depleted Peripheral Blood Stem Cells (C90559) NY-ESO-1 Reactive TCR Retroviral Vector Transduced Autologous PBL (C174139) MAGE-A1-specific T Cell Receptor-transduced Autologous T-cells (C175306) Autologous TCRm-expressing T-cells ET140203 (C157090) Autologous CD4+/CD8+ 4-1BB-CD3zeta-EGFR806-CAR-EGFRt/4-1BB-CD3zeta-CD19-CAR-HER2tG-expressing CARs T Cells (C147135) Anti-NY-ESO-1 TCR LV-transduced Autologous T-Cells TAEST16001 (C172395) LMP2-specific T Cell Receptor-transduced Autologous T-lymphocytes (C180529) Autologous Anti-MART-1 F5 TCR Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (C176990) Autologous HER2-targeted Dual-switch CAR-T Cells BPX-603 (C120557) NY-ESO-1-specific TCR Gene-transduced T Lymphocytes TBI-1301 (C142888) Anti-K-RAS G12V mTCR-transduced Autologous Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (C97035) MAGE-A3 Reactive T Cell Receptor-transduced Autologous T Cells (C159977) Autologous HPV16 E7-specific HLA-A*02:01-restricted TCR Gene Engineered Lymphocytes KITE-439 (C161651) Gene-edited Autologous Neoantigen-targeted NeoTCR-P1 T-cells (C79842) Anti-CEA TCR Retroviral Vector-Transduced Autologous Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (C178337) LMP2-specific IL-12 Secreting T Cell Receptor-transduced T-lymphocytes (C162260) Autologous Anti-HLA-A*02/AFP TCRm-expressing T-cells ET140202 (C38137) Anti-MART-1 TCR Retroviral Vector-Transduced Autologous TIL (C175659) Autologous Anti-mesothelin TCR-expressing T-cells FH-TCR TMSLN (C38136) Anti-gp100 TCR Retroviral Vector-Transduced Autologous PBL (C151936) Autologous E6 T Cell Receptor Genetically-modified T Cells (C121552) Anti-thyroglobulin mTCR-transduced Autologous Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (C38135) Anti-gp100 TCR Retroviral Vector-Transduced Autologous TIL (C146937) Autologous PBLs Retrovirally-transduced with TCRs Targeting Neoantigens (C126686) Autologous MAGE-A10-specific HLA-A2-restricted TCR c796 Gene-engineered Lymphocytes (C146939) NY-ESO-1 TCR Retroviral Vector-transduced Autologous PBMCs (C128029) PRAME-targeting T-cell Receptor/Inducible Caspase 9 BPX-701 (C146779) Autologous TCR-engineered T-cells IMA201 (C129715) Anti-ACTR/4-1BB/CD3zeta-Viral Vector-transduced Autologous T-Lymphocytes ACTR087 (C101787) TIL 1383I T Cell Receptor-Transduced Autologous T Cells (C162627) Autologous LMP1/LMP2/EBNA1-specific HLA-A02:01/24:02/11:01-restricted TCR-expressing T-lymphocytes YT-E001 (C179275) Autologous MAGE-C2-specific HLA-A2-restricted TCR T-lymphocytes (C135534) Autologous MAGE-A3/A6-specific TCR Gene-engineered Lymphocytes KITE-718 (C136982) TCR-specific, alpha Fetoprotein-enhanced Autologous T Lymphocytes (C188985) Autologous Anti-PRAME TCR/CD8alphabeta-expressing T-cells IMA203CD8 (C156136) Autologous PRAME-targeting TCR-modified T Cells MDG1011 (C154277) Autologous ROR2-targeted CAR T-cells CCT301-59 (C136782) CD8+ and CD4+ Donor Memory T-cells-expressing HA1-Specific TCR (C187331) Autologous HBV-specific TCR-expressing T-lymphocytes SCG101 (C185397) Anti-HPV16 TCR-engineered T-cells CRTE7A2-01 (C150511) Allogeneic T-lymphocytes Expressing NY-ESO-1-C259-specific TCR (C116711) Autologous MAGE-A3-specific HLA-A*01-Restricted T Cell Receptor Gene Engineered Lymphocytes (C146940) NY-ESO-1 TCR/sr39TK Lentiviral Vector-transduced Autologous PBSCs (C181918) Autologous Anti-KK-LC-1 TCR-expressing T-cells (C121308) Autologous WT1-TCRc4 Gene-transduced CD8-positive Tcm/Tn Lymphocytes (C156382) Autologous MCPyV-specific HLA-A02-restricted TCR-transduced CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells FH-MCVA2TCR (C122679) Anti-HLA-A2/NY-ESO-1 TCR-transduced Autologous T Lymphocytes (C178272) Autologous BAFFR-targeting CAR T Cells (C124655) Autologous T-lymphocytes-expressing NY-ESO-1-C259-specific Enhanced T-cell Receptors
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